Tracking projects for client billing or just need to keep a tab on employee activity, our software makes it easy and simple to track. Track employees individually as per project, or track projects as a whole and time consumed. Generate and export to excel or pdf for easy billing and reference.


Run reports anytime on up-to-the-minute data having to have the power to always be aware of what's going on at work. Request timesheets for individual projects, request employee wise reports from respective projects, compare data through graphical representation.

Task Activity

Assign, Accept, reject and complete tasks assigned to you by your peers or colleagues. Start and pause your task based on your work time or availability. Manager/ task assignee can track the progress of the task from assigning to completion.

Admin Panel

Setup admin with a variety of possible permissions. You can allow or restrict access to editing timesheets and settings, viewing project status, approving leaves, managing projects, adding projects and adding/ removing employees.

Leave Request

Submit requests for leave, track their approval and also plan the leave in your calendar year. Now Managers can resolve time off and edit requests individually or as a lot through approvals and Rejections. Plan employee leaves and track them through calendar.


Run reports at the end of the payroll period at the click of a button.

About Us

Some Words About Our Company

Established in 2005, we are now a fast growing company with values that are customer oriented pledging to be an extended team to our clients by partnering with them in business growth and development.

  • We deliver end-to-end information technology services and solutions primarily focusing on helping businesses "bridge the execution gap" and experience accelerated business performance.
  • Our client-centric philosophy and commitment to service excellence with an onsite, offsite and offshore delivery model have helped us implement and maintain complex applications and solutions.
  • We have offices in the U.S and India.
  • We pioneer in custom based applications, cross platform solutions with rapid and affordable development and deployment.
  • We have developed niche and reachability into mobile, medical, educational, security, and voice based startups.
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  • Address: Chicago Office:2021 Midwest Road, Suite#200 Oakbrook, IL 60523.
  • Email: info@verudix.com
  • Phone: 630-461-0506